22nd Annual "Forrest's First"
May 20-22, 2016

Welcome to everyone for this year's event.

We are honored to announce that we will have the CSS HL Hunley replica on display this year. (click here for a PDF of the poster)

Also, for the first time we will extend our Living History Day throughout
the entire weekend and don't forget the Ladies Tea & Ball.
You can register by clicking on the "Reg. Form" to your left.

Military & Civilians remains $10, until
March 15th, then fee will increase to $20.
Sutlers remain at $45
Age 12 and under Free to participate.

General Admission for the Public is $7.50 and $5 for students.

Be sure and come back to Sacramento and take the
Civil War Driving Tour,

Battle of Sacramento 1861 from George Sturmann on Vimeo.

Experience the Reenactment of the Battle of Sacramento. This Civil War Battle was fought on December 28, 1861. The battlefield is the undisputed location of Nathan Bedford Forrest's First Fight!
Call (270) 792-5300 for information.
Nathan Bedford Forrest
**Considered the south's most brilliant commander.**

Click here to download (word document) a suggested information sheet & guidelines about reenactor clothing and equipment needs.

Battle of Sacramento Reenactment
675 Main Street, Sacramento, KY 42372

Forrest's First is the largest Cavalry Battle in the State of Kentucky.
Call (270) 792-5300 with any questions. For after hours or during the event,
contact (270) 792-5300, (270) 929-1067 or (270) 499-0878.

Interested in learning more about McLean County and all it has to offer,
click here.