24th Annual "Forrest's First"
May 18-20, 2018

ALL Reenactors - Click here to pre-register and for a chance to win.
There will be two (2) period correct reproduction black-powder pistols - one for Federal & one for Confederate.

CALLING ALL CALVARY! Click here to find out about the
Order of the Spurs Competition taking place again this year at the
Battle of Sacramento.

Battle of Sacramento May 18th - 20th in Sacramento, Kentucky is open to the public!

Just purchase a souvenir button for $7.50* and attend ALL THREE DAYS! *Note: special price for students & senior citizens on Friday for just $5.
* After LHD cost is $7.50 for all.

FAMILIES & TEACHERS!! This educational and fun event is great for schools, families, senior citizens, scouts, home schoolers.

Public welcome all day and into the evening!

Event starts at 10 AM on Friday, May 18th with Living History Day.
And come back Saturday and Sunday and spend both days with us.
SO much to see and do. Click here for schedule.

General admission for the Public is $7.50.
Camps are open to visitors all day long 3 days!
Feel free to tour the military and civilian camps and speak
with participants throughout the day.

Remember to also check us out on Facebook. We have lots of photos posted there as well as information about the event.

CLICK Battle of Sacramento 1861
for Video of George Sturmann on Vimeo.


PLEASE NOTE: CANNONS: only 3/4 and full-sized artillery pieces will be allowed on the field. There is a limit this year of 16 cannons. Each unit is only allowed 2 cannons.Guns must have single-piece bored/milled tubes. PIPE GUNS finished with adhesive binding material (e.g. concrete, cement, bondo, etc.) are specially DISALLOWED.

MAY, 2018: ALL artillery pieces and crews must be registered.There is a limit this year of 16 cannons. Each unit is only allowed 2 cannons. If the artillery piece is not registered, no powder ration will be distributed for that piece. Distribution will be determined by the official registration list. That is the fair way to ensure that all registered guns are accounted for.

Be sure and come back to Sacramento and take the Civil War Driving Tour.
Click here
for the brochure (PDF).

To see a brief video that examines the impact of the Civil War battles in Kentucky as well as the impact on her communities and her people throughout history, and to understand Kentucky's role in the issues and challenges of those days in America. Click here to view.

Experience the Reenactment of the Battle of Sacramento. This Civil War Battle was fought on December 28, 1861. The battlefield is the undisputed location of Nathan Bedford Forrest's First Fight!
Call (270) 792-5300 for information.
Nathan Bedford Forrest
**Considered the south's most brilliant commander.**
Click here to download (word document) a suggested information sheet & guidelines about reenactor clothing and equipment needs.

Battle of Sacramento Reenactment
675 Main Street, Sacramento, KY 42372

Forrest's First is the largest Cavalry Battle in the State of Kentucky.
Call (270) 792-5300 with any questions.
For after hours or during the event,
contact (270) 792-5300, (270) 929-1067 or (270) 499-0878.