2010 Photo Gallery - Contest Winners
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Baby Mollie: 1 year old - Charley Ann Albin
Sacramento, KY

Parents: Megan & Travis Albin
Grandparents: Christi & Mark Burden
John Wayne Albin

Baby Mollie
Wee Mister Forrest - Ages 4 - 7 years old
Augustus (Gus) Lee Hensley, Lancaster, Kentucky
Parents: Bill & Lucy Hensley
Mr. & Mrs. Forrest
Winners: Sandy & Wanda Forrest
Murray, Kentucky
Grandmother & Granddaughter Mollie
Grandmother: Betsy Holskey - Sacramento. Husband: Lawrence

Granddaughter: Lydia Dene Holskey
Sacramento, Kentucky
Parents: Nikki & Jonathan Holskey
Grandparents: Betsy & Lawrence Holskey

Senior Ms. Mollie
Winner: Karol Durham Welch
Madisonville, Kentucky
Husband: William
Ms. Mollie: Mandi Tarrance George
Memphis, Tennessee
Parents: Frank & Jean Tarrance
2010 Decorating Contest Best Sign & Porch
Miss Janey's House & Tea Room
530 Main Street, Sacramento, KY
2010 Display Grant & Lee View
2010 Display Grant & Lee Night View
Wee Miss Mollie - ages 4-7 years old (left to right)
Winner: Annsley Beeler, Sacramento, Kentucky
Parents: Keisha & Josh Beeler; Grandparents: the late Sam Beverly Conrad

First Runner Up: Amber Rayne Ford, Dawson Springs, KY. Parents: Lora & Robert Ford, Grandparents: Rick & Phyllis Ford and Charles & Jannie Peters.

Second Runner Up: Abby Ruth Hensley, Lancaster, Kentucky.
Parents: Lucy & Bill Hensley

Third Runner Up: Emma Christine Hudson, Utica, Kentucky
Parents: Andy & Christina Hudson; Grandparents: Patricia & Larry Haridson and Bill & Betty Hudson.

Little Miss Mollie - ages 8-12 years old (left to right)
Winner: Brooke Hall, Sacramento, Kentucky
Parents: Sandy & David Hall
Grandparents: Toby & Arnold Boarman and Donall & Becky Braiden

First Runner Up: Laura Katherine Abbott, Nashville, Tennessee
Parents; Ellen & John Abbott

2010 Teen Miss Mollie - ages 13 - 15 years old
Winner: Anna Rebecca Abott, Nashville, Tennessee
Parents: Ellen & John Abbott
2010 Miss Mollie - ages 16-21 years old
Winner: Olivia-Chole Woods, Nashville, Tennessee
Parents: Angela & James Woods
2010 Mother & Daugher Mollie (left to right)
Daughter: Kranna Ann Caswell, Sacramento, Kentucky
Parents: Kimberly & David Caswell. Grandparents: the late Jack Cornett & Josephine Cornett, the late George Caswell & Vickie Caswell.

Mother: Kimberly Ann Caswell, Sacramento, Kentucky.
Husband: David Caswell

2010 Business Winner Blue Jay's Cafe
245 South Main Street, Sacramento, KY
Owners: Hoby & Betty Whitmer Manager: Christi Burden (270) 736-2288
2010 Decorated Porch - Miss Janey's2010 Decorating Contest Best Sign & Porch
Miss Janey's House & Tea Room
530 Main Street, Sacramento, KY
2010 Mother & Son Forrest
Mother: Betty Austin
Madisonville, Kentucky
Husband: Jimmie

Son: Tony Austin - Terre Haute, Indiana
Parents: Jimmie & Betty Austin

Decorating Contest Mailbox Winner - Delena Troutman
270 Garrett Street, Sacramento, Kentucky
2010 Unique Display Winner
Linda Coleman, Hwy 81, Sacramento, Kentucky
2010 Home Winner
Sherry & Kevin Galloway, 545 Main Street, Sacramento, Kentucky
2010 Organization Winner - Masonic Lodge #735 & Order of the Eastern Star #67
285 Main Street, Sacramento, Kentucky