25th Annual "Forrest's First"
May 17-19, 2019

Pay by Credit Card on PayPal or Mail-in Check
May 1 up through the Event: $20
Age 12 & Under are Always FREE
Sutlers - $50

Register today and have a chance to win guns and more!
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New to Reenacting??
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Battle of Sacramento Registration Form

NOTE:  The fees help defray some of the costs for FREE hay, straw, wood for fires, port-a-johns, Ladies Tea, the Ball Saturday evening, music, gas for limos, and powder given out to all participants in Saturday & Sundays battles PLUS the full meal for all reenactors Saturday night which is free to all participants. 

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PLEASE NOTE - ONLY 16 CANNONS are allowed: Only 3/4 and full-sized artillery pieces will be allowed on the field. Guns must have single-piece bored/milled tubes. PIPE GUNS finished with adhesive binding material (e.g., concrete, cement, bondo, etc.) are specifically disallowed. Batteries from the Battle of Sacramento Planning Committee.

MAY, 2019: ALL artillery pieces and crews must be registered.(16 ONLY) If the artillery piece is not registered, no powder ration will be distributed for that piece. Distribution will be determined by the official registration list. That's the fair way to ensure that all registered guns are accounted for.