May 15-17, 2020

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taking place again this year at the Battle of Sacramento.

The Battle of Sacramento Committee and the city and citizands of Sacramento and McLean County are excited to be able to bring you this much anticipated series of events. To have been a much beloved annual event for a quarter of a century is a tribute to many persons. We are grateful for your commitment to attendance and participation!

FRIDAY, May 15

8 AM Open Registration for Reenactors

9 AM
Gates open
Friday for the public

Tour the homestead area east of the registration area. See how families lived back then, how they cooked their meals, set up and maintained their farm animals.

Take a look at the old log cabin now in use for registration on the grounds.

9 AM -
4:30 PM
Living History Day begins. Click here for Living History Day detailed itinerary and map.


Join us for a Special 1-Act Play and followed by lantern tour & storytelling through the camps

Every Day

Other activities available all day long:
- Tour the Sutler area where you will find supply stores, blacksmith, dressmakers, novelty shops, and more! (and while there, stop in and enjoy some kettle corn, sassparilla rootbeer and freshly squeezed lemonade)
- Visit the Dignitaries Tent where you might just meet Gen. Robert E. Lee, President Abe Lincoln, General Grant, and many others! (and do check out the tent next door where one can purchase official t-shirts, mugs, books & other memorabilia)

Every Day

- Take a tour of the historic Nall-Moore House. (this period furnished two-story home was actually occupied when the battle took place)
Every Day

- Stop in and sit a spell at the old log cabin now used for reenactor registration and information center. (come pull up a chair under the porch and enjoy the music of "52nd Regimental String Band" and others.

All Day

- Tour the homestead area east of the old log cabin. (see how the families lived back then, how they cooked their meals, set up housekeeping and maintained the farm animals)
- Visit the Military camps,
engage with the soldiers. (see military procedures and learn how they lived, cooked their meals, and slept inside tents or under the stars)
- Watch for military drills
on the battlefield & in the camps throughout the day.
There will also be artillery rocket, Gatling gun & cannon fire demonstrations throughout the day.

MIDNIGHT Taps, all quiet

Saturday, May 16
Public welcome to come watch all activities.

8 AM Reveille
8:30 AM Officer's Call - You are welcome to observe on Saturday and Sunday mornings. This is where both sides discuss battle scenarios, greetings and welcomes are exchanged and the like (Special Living History Opportunity)
front porch of the Nall-Moore house on the property
9 AM - 8 PM
Gates open for the Public.
11 AM
1 PM
Opening Ceremony: Listen to General Robert E. Lee, President Abe Lincoln, General Grant, & other dignitaries provide historical background of the Battle and more!
on either side of the grand stand in front of the actual battlefield
5 PM
"Dinner On The Grounds". All the churches, civic groups, and citizens prepare dinner for all the reenactors and workers.
Visitors are encouraged to wander over to the concession area where one can find everything from BBQ, walking tacos, Philly steaks, brownies, fries, bloomin onions, burgers, hot dogs, & more.
Concession area is the left of the Grandstand area of the battlefield. Follow your nose!
Midnight Taps, all quiet.

Sunday, May 17
Public welcome to come watch all the activities.

8 AM
10 AM
Camps open to the Public until 1 PM
11 AM

Community Worship Services
Location: Covered Pavilion

1:30 PM
After Battle
Break Camp until May 2021


1. Be sure to stop by the extensive historical flag display. M/M Spencer & Linda Brewer display, discuss and demonstrate the history of the flags during the American Civil War.
Location: just south and west of the Nall-Moore home on the property.
2. Visit and tour the Nall-Moore Home: This 1830's two-story log home has been extensively restored. Contains some period artifacts and furniture. Mr. & Mrs. Russell Moore donated the house to the Battle of Sacramento.
3. Stop in and check out the old cabin that serves as the Registration and Information Site for the Battle of Sacramento. This cabin was donated by the John Muster Family and resstored by the BoS Committee and other community volunteers.
4. Visit the CSA & USA Camps. Ask when the individual units will "stand formation", and observe when they do. Some reenactors will allow you to observe their private tent spaces. Watch the artillerymen and infantry and cavalry drill. Ask about eqiupment and how to become a reenactor!
Location: Through the gates and then right for CSA or left for USA.
5. Stroll through the sutler area where you will find merchants who sell uniforms and other equipment for reenactors, ladies dresses and niceties, and even blankets, boots, and tents. You may even purchase a "housewife". Look for candle makers, blacksmith and other craftsmen and women as you stroll. Do sample a little sarsaparilla or kettle corn along the way.
Location: on the south end of the Battle site just past the food vendors near KY-81
6. Just north of the sutler area, west of KY-81 are out many food and drink merchants. Enjoy lunch, dinner or supper from one of the excellent vendors and quench your thirst with a cold beverage.
Location: north of the sutler area, west of KY-81- can't miss it.
7. Enjoy more music as Pvt. Lex Conatser fiddles (in the CSA Camp) and other musicians play including the excellent "52nd Regimental String Band" play in various locations around the camp.
8. Stop by and meet Dr. Richard Gatling and see his famous gun. The Gatling gun is a machine gun that consists of multiple barrels revolving around a central axis and is capable of being fired at a rapid rate. Mr. Mike Marsh portrys Mr. Gatling.
Location: directly behind the Nall-Moore House on the south side of the tree line in the USA Camp.
9. Meet some of the lady reenactors as they demonstrate and discuss typical role and responsibilities of eomwn in an American Civil War encampment. May learn about soap making, washing practices, and other home (tent) making skills.
Location: directly behind the Nall-Moore House on the south side of the tree line in the USA camp and other locations on the property.

Other Activities Available Year Round

Visit Camp Calhoun Union Cemetery(Click here for more information)