All Reenactors - 2 new Civil War reproduction black powder pistols will be awarded by drawing at the
2019 Battle of Sacramento

1. Winners MUST be registered for the Battle of Sacramento. Click here to register.
2. They must participate in both the Saturday and Sunday battles.
3. They must have participation confirmed by their unit commander.
4. MUST be 18 Years of Age.

ALL CAVALRY - the Order of the Spur Competition will be held on Saturday morning! Click here for more on this.

ALL UNION men pre-registering for the Battle of Sacramento
have a chance to win. There will be a drawing on Sunday May 19th for a Pietta 1851 Navy "Yank" Steel .44-Cal. black powder revolver.

And not to be "out-gunned",
ALL CONFEDERATE men pre-registering will have a chance to win a Traditions .36 Cal 1851 Brass Navy Revolver.

Our new Union Commander is Bear Whitworth of the
12th Kentucky Cavalry U.S.
Our Confederate Commanders are Steve & Jeff Glaza
of the 6th Kentucky Cavalry CSA.