Military Rules and Regulations
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Authentic western theater impressions, US and CSA cavalry, infantry, artillery, medical corps and civilians are welcome and needed for this 145th anniversary event.

AGE LIMIT-Youth are encouraged to participate in camp activities. Battlefield participants must be 14 years old to carry a weapon or 12 years old to act as flag bearers or musicians. A parent or guardian's written consent and statement of liability shall be given to the respective company commanders.

UNIFORMS & ACCOUTERMENTS & equipment shall be appropriate for a Civil War impression.

WEAPONS, INFANTRY-ramrods will be carried on the battlefield but shall not be drawn.

WEAPONS, CAVALRY-both carbines and sabers are strongly encouraged.

PISTOLS-No Wonder-Wads are allowed in revolvers.


AMMUNITION -powder will only be carried in the form of properly rolled cartridges. Penny wrappers, heavy bond paper, plastics, staples, or tape will not be allowed for rolled cartridges.

EDGED WEAPONS -knives will be of the period and secured in a period sheath.

CAMPS -military and civilian shall be laid at the direction of Field Commanders in assigned areas.

VEHICLE ACCESS -vehicles shall be parked in designated areas out of sight of the battlefield and restricted from the camp and battlefield at times designated by the Field commanders. All vehicles must be removed from the battlefield area BEFORE 8:00 AM on Saturday.

PERSONAL CONDUCT -Alcohol will not be allowed. Possession may result in criminal charges.

ARTILLERY- The Chief of Artillery shall personally inspect each artillery piece to quality it for participation. Artillery firing will take place only during scheduled times and with the prior approval of the Chief of Artillery, Field Commanders, and Reenactment Committee.

CONTACTS: Wendell Miller, Chairman, Battle Committee, 270-736-2254--After 5:00 p.m. 270-736-5901 (has caller ID, he will return calls) Terri Miller, City Clerk, City of Sacramento--270-736-5114--fax: 270-736-5042.


The Historical Society has area maps with a directory of Civil War sites and community volunteers will gladly escort you. Pause beside Mollie Morehead's grave site in Sacramento. Visit General Thomas Crittenden's Union headquarters in Calhoun where an estimated force of over 10,000 infantry and 1,200 Cavalry troops were stationed to guard Lock and Dam #2.

Tour the many rural cemeteries where McLean County's Civil War Veteran's graves are appropriately honored. You can stand by the graves of soldiers who fought and died at the Battle of Sacramento. The UDC's newest charter, the Mollie Morehead Chapter, and the SCV's Forrest's-Orphans Brigade will CO-host several events.

In the City of Livermore, those men of the 26th Kentucky Vol. Infantry (USA) who fought at Shiloh, Perryville, and Nashville under Captain Rowland Hackett of Company A are remembered at his grave site. In the community of Beech Grove, you can ride the land "Sue" Mundy rode over. In the City of Island you'll find the grave of Colonel Absalom Redmond Shacklett, the highest ranking CSA native son buried in McLean County . He enlisted in Company H, 8th Kentucky Infantry, was captured at Fort Donelson then exchanged seven months later, and promoted to Lt. Colonel in September 1862. Colonel Shacklett joined General Forrest in July, 1864 and stood beside Forrest in Columbus, Mississippi, on May 9, 1865 when General Forrest spoke these honorable words. "Reason dictates and humanity demands that no more blood be is your duty and mine to lay down our arms, submit to the 'powers that be' and to aid in restoring peace and establishing law and order throughout the land."