May 20, 21, 22, 2011

1. Participants must be registered in the proper age category & be able to show proof of age. Note: No previous title holder is eligible to compete in that age category again; however, they may compete in another category.
2. PAGEANT ENTRY FEE: Advanced Registration $20 per person or at the Reenactor Registration up till 3:30 pm Saturday. (Married Couples $20 total). On-Site Late Pageant Entry Fee is $25 at Pageant 6 pm Check-In. Be sure and complete the online application form. Make checks payable to Civil War Pageants and send to:

Pat Vincent, Pageant Director
3272 Coffman SCHS Road
Sacramento, KY 42372
For more information, contact: or call (270) 339-1498.

Entries will be accepted during the day at the Reenactor Registration Tent until 3:30 pm at $20. Late entry fee will be $25 at Pageant 6 PM check in. The pageant starts at 6:30 pm. Photos will be posted on the battle website and in the next battle program. Location of Pageant - To Be Announced.


First Place will receive a trophy. Ladies will also receive a crown & title sash.
Men will receive a medal.

Second Place will receive a trophy.

All winners (pageant and photo) will ride in the parade and attend the Ladies Tea as well as being recognized at the Battlefield Ball and in the Opening Ceremonies. They will also receive VIP Seating. All winners will promote the Battle of Sacramento at Civil War events, festivals, fairs, parades, etc.

2A. PHOTO ENTRY FEE: $15 per category. (see Rule #3-A for more information).

3. JUDGING. Will be based on costume, hat, smile, curtsey or bow and overall appearance. Accessories are 1 point each. The judges will be looking for the contestants that portray the typical southern lady and man of the antebellum era EXCEPT in Photo Categories. Winners are determined by Age Categories & total money collected. (See Rule 3A)


A. Day Dress, Tea Dress, or Ball Gown
Uniform, Day Suit
B. Accessories: parasol, basket, fan, gloves, redicule, jewelry, doll
Rifle, haversack/cup, belt/cartridge
C. Bonnet, hat, hair accents
Hat, cap
D. Appropriate hairstyle for the impression
Appropriate hairstyle
E. Appropriate makeup for the impression
Period toy, flag, etc.
G. Appropriate shoes
Appropriate shoes, boots
H. No strapless gowns or zippers. Should have button, hook & eye or tied closures, pantaloons & hoop.
3A. PHOTO CATEGORIES: Do not require period clothing. Contestants should be dressed in red, white or blue outfits with a patriotic theme or in period attire. (ex. holding a flag) Color or Sepia type photos will be accepted. Photo size minimum: 3 x 5, maximum: 8 x 10 head & shoulders pose or full body. Photos will not be returned. ENTRY FEE: $15.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR PHOTO ENTRY & VOTES: Attach a good quality photo with paper clip to application. (DO NOT STAPLE) List name, age & phone number on a piece of scotch tape and attach to the back of the photo. Using a duplicate photo, cover it with plastic, then place it on your DECORATED container. Ask for Votes! (Remember to cut slit in container lid for those pennies!)

PUBLIC JUDGING will be based on smile, patriotic theme, container decoration, outfit & overall appearance. Decorated Photo Containers will be displayed on Friday at the Battle Information Tent for public voting at one penny per vote till 12:30 pm Sunday at the Battle Events Stage. First Place will receive a trophy. Pictures of the winners will also be posted on the website and used in the next Battle Program. (Contestants are encouraged to attend the Civil War Pageant on Saturday evening for recognition and votes.)

Contestants are also encouraged to display collection containers at other areas prior to the battle. All funds must be collected and turned in by 12:30 PM Sunday at the Battle Information Tent. Winners will be announced following the battle on Sunday.

PERMISSION FORM (a copy must be sent in with payment/photos to accompany application form)

As a contestant, I certify that the information contained in this application is correct. I have read the rules/guidelines & agree to abide by the decision of the judges. I further understand that the pageant or committee will not be held responsible for any items stolen, accidents that may occur, during or going to or from pageant. I understand that there will be no refunds. I agree to represent my title if I should win and not participate in other Civil War pageants during my reign. I agree to be responsible for any and all expenses for public appearances that I so choose to participate in and will not hold the pageant or committee responsible for any accidents that may occur during, before or after any type of public appearance I choose to attend.

_________________________________ Contestants Signature Date: _______________

(Required for 17 or under) As a parent or guardian, I do hereby give permission for my child to be in the Civil War Pageant. I've completely read the rules/guidelines & certify this application is correct.)

_____________________________Parents/Guardians Signature Date: ________________