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The City of Sacramento
How we got our name

It seems that in 1849 the cry of "GOLD" sent thousands of Americans rushing to California. Several gentlemen including John Vickers and John Bender (his son-in-law) were in that group that joined the "GOLD RUSH" that went to strike it rich. These men finally realized that their dream would not materialize and they returned home. Home to these men was Cross Roads, a village nine miles south of Calhoun. Calhoun later became the McLean County seat, but that is another story.

The village grew into a prosperous town and was "laid off" by George Helm in 1854. John Vickers had seen his suggestion for a new name for the community accepted!

It seems John had brought back memories of the place he had been to out California way. Maybe it was because he was romantically inclined or maybe the name just had a certain ring to it. Either way, the folks of Cross Roads went along with John and changed the name of Cross Roads to.......Sacramento.

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