Century Division Order
of the Spur

The Best Trooper Award

If you take pride in your skill and attention to detail, you are invited to prove yourself against the best of the best.  The Century Division Order of the Spur will conduct an all out Cavalry competition at Sacramento in 2018. The Battle of Sacramento is already the largest Cavalry reenactment in Kentucky and we hope to make our competition and award the pinnacle of success for serious Civil War Cavalry reenactors. We seek participation from as many Troopers as possible to help us refine the contest into something reenactors would like to see.

We are privileged to hold this competition on the same ground where General Nathan Bedford Forrest first led men in battle.

The cavalry course will include both pistol and saber accuracy.  The rider starts his run by shooting targets with pistol then jumping a hay bale and returning while stabbing or slashing balloons with the saber and finally spearing a ring.  It is a timed event with penalty for each missed target.   Each trooper will get two attempts and their best time will be used. Since this will be a true competition, there can be only one winner. Next year's  competition will determine if this years winner retains his title or surrenders it to a challenger. 

The historical judging will include horse and tack as well as the trooper.  Uniforms need not be year specific as long as they are accurate for some point in the war.  Rider and horse will be inspected and photographed before the timed portion. The winner will become an honorary member of the Order of the Spur and will receive the trophy on Saturday May 19. On Sunday he will slash a watermelon at the final "pass in review."

The Century Division Order of the Spur was founded in 1990 by U.S. Army Reserve members of the modern mechanized Cavalry. Serving in the same scout role as horse soldiers of the past, the Troopers of the 100TH were training on the M113 Armored Personnel Carrier and the M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle. Many of the traditions of the Horse Cavalry were passed along to the Mechanized Troopers and this is the reason you might see a soldier wearing a modern uniform with a Stetson hat on his head and spurs on his boots.
 The 100TH Division was strictly a Kentucky Unit for many years and supported Ft. Knox which was then the home of Armor and Cavalry. 
Now, having lost that designation, Ft. Knox and the Order of the Spur are adjusting with the times. 

The mission of the Order of the Spur is to preserve Cavalry heritage and traditions. We recognize the tremendous contributions made by Civil War reenactors and take pride in honoring them by sponsoring the Best Trooper competition.

The Trooper that accumulates the most points (after standing inspection, and demonstrating their skill at horsemanship, pistol and saber) will be the winner. The Best Trooper receives Honorary Membership in the Century Division Order of the Spur and is presented a trophy to keep until next year when he returns to defend the title of Best Trooper.

The Order of the Spur will monitor judging and is working closely with the Union and Confederate Cavalry Commanders. They are seasoned reenactors and will assist in providing the fairest judging possible. 

It is the mission of the Century Division Order of the Spur to preserve Cavalry heritage and part of that is recognizing the skill and dedication of Civil War Cavalry Reenactors. 

Cavalry Engagement during the Battle of Sacramento