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2019 Reenactor Vehicle Regulations


We pride ourselves on being a Reenactor Friendly Event but due to the actions of these individuals, regulations regarding vehicles in the Camps are being established and will be rigidly enforced.

1) We will publish in advance and post a sign at the entrance to the Camps indicating the hours that vehicles may enter for unloading as well as the hours that NO VEHICLES will be permitted in the camps.

2) Any vehicle taking equipment into the Camps will be required to immediately unload and remove the vehicle to the designated reenactor parking area. Vehicles wil not be allowed to remain in the Camps while Tents, etc. are being set up.

3) Any vehicle not following the regulations will be towed by a towing company with the vehicle owner being responsible for the towing fee.

4) Vehicles used to tow artillery pieces will be allowed to enter to move the artillery to the Battle Field but shall not be kep in the Camps before or after the Battle.

5) Anyone having a medical need to leave the Camps will be transported by the medical personnel provided by the Committee, no personal vehicles will be allowed in the camps for this reason.


The "Battle Committee" has spent a large sum of money to purchase a special parking area for the parking of reenactor vehicles. We also make the special effort to provide limousine shuttle service to the parking area anytime it is needed, so we sincerely request that your vehicle be parked there.

We have limited parking areas for the spectators who attend the event, so we ask that you please be considerate of their parking needs as it is through their button purchases that the major amount of funds are received to allow this event to continue.

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